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Toddler Program's

Toddler 1: Age Range: 1 - 2 years

Toddler 2: Age Range 2-3 1/2 Years

Your active toddler child is working on becoming independent! Our toddler program will assist your child in the development of self-help skills as they continue to discover their world through daily routines, messy and active play. We will use developmentally appropriate practice and weekly themed curriculum to channel your child’s excitement into guided learning experiences.

Organized and self-initiated imaginative play will ignite your toddler’s social development, helping them to learn about themselves, as well as well as peers. Appropriate art experiences for creative exploration, various manipulatives to mature cognitive and physical skills and expression, as well as building blocks, music, and books fill our toddler program’s classroom.

In addition Toddler 2 provides private, in-class toileting facilities, which are a perfect size for your child, offer ease and comfort while children gain confidence and self-assurance while potty training.

Image by Ryan Fields
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