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HiMama App

HiMama is an app (all platforms) designed to provide a wide range of information to parents on a daily basis.  Once you have enrolled your child at the Childcare Center, you will receive an email inviting you to download the app and join.  These are some of the features the app will provide:

Childcare Daily Reports and Documentation

  • Daily reports and sheets – a record of meals, naps, medications (if applicable), toileting

  • Program planning – activities and lessons for the classroom

  • Attendance – check-in children, record drop-off and pick-up times

Learning & Development

  • Real-time observations from the classroom in photo or video form

  • Learning stories and portfolios

  • Development assessments

  • Curriculum alignment

Parent Engagement & Communication

  • Parent app and web portal – information provided in your own private, secure account

  • Photo-sharing

  • Email, text, and in-app communication – text messaging, alert, and reminders to individual parents or an entire room

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